Monday Motivational Idea-the Importance of Journey Mapping

Today’s motivation for shaking up how we do things is based on 3 Journey Maps I did for clients over the last week. In case you aren’t familiar with Journey Maps….

What is it?

A journey map is a framework that enables you to improve your end user’s experience and maps the process of tracking and transcribing all their experiences but focuses on their unique perspective. This helps the team understand how data, users, and processes, are interacting as they encounter each other. It identifies not just what happened but also their responses to those stimuli in order to show areas for service transformation and improvement. Great journey maps are rooted in data-driven research, and visually represent the different phases your user’s experience based on a several factors including emotions, touch points, milestones and data connections etc. Journey mapping offers:

• A growing emphasis on improving service and building relationships

• Helps bring user/customer stories to life

• Acts as a call to action and actually helps drive culture transformation

• Drives vision, strategy and policy change

Why is it important?

This is important because it helps answer long term questions about how to shape the client’s business or sales process as well as integrate the brand around the experience. Although they are most often called Customer Journey Maps and focus on the sales process, I advocate building it based on end user (yes, usually the customer), sales channel, functional teams like fulfillment, shipping, inventory management etc. The goal is to drive transformation in the current journey.

What does it look like?

There is no right way to show a journey map. They can be all visually different but it doesn’t matter. Some show line drawings, some use iconography, some use process dots and some all of the above. It’s the strategic thinking as well as physical journey that is critical.

Here are 4 very diverse examples that are available via a Google search (my kudos to the map makers-the credit is all theirs). Due to client confidentiality I can’t show our own but I’d be happy to build one with you.final_simtech_A3board Buyers_journey customer-journey-map-example-1