Friday’s Five Things

Five things I learned or was reminded of this week…

1. Change is Painful

Sometimes the process of changing the way we do things, or a way of positioning your business or ideas can be painful. Even normal people have egos and politics to consider. Sometimes it’s confusing and a struggle to find a win-win. However when you are lucky enough to be surrounded by a REAL team committed to the final outcome it’s inspiring.

2. Change is Awesome

Sometimes transformation creates a glorious new solution resulting in a snowball effect. We become inspired by the new vision so we feel even more empowered and creative.  This is when ideation & innovation come alive and the outcome is now a new business, new product or a new way of moving forward. This is change at its best.

3. New Ideas are Hard to Create

Clients are always right-let me state that loudly so they continue to pay our bills 🙂 However the reason they choose us to help them build out their vision is because we bring a different expertise to the table. The issue occurs when they don’t have clarity around how their caterpillar is supposed to turn into a butterfly -yet don’t value ALL the time that goes into the transformation. They think it’s a quick solution yet don’t want to spend the time defining the risks, creating strategies and planning implementation, and are surprised when they see the financial implications of sending the work out.  I’m happy to do the work-mostly because I feel very proprietary about my clients and am driven to see OUR baby succeed. But I wish those who pay the bills would accept (more easily) that it’s hard, but valuable work and worth every moment spent.

4. Thinking Long Term Always Pays Off

The line between long term vision and short term budget can be very wide. It’s tough to balance ROI against your quarterly budget and I don’t envy entrepreneurs and clients for the struggle to choose. Compromise is often the only real win-win. Anytime a client has chosen cheap and cheerful it looks and feels it. However, I was inspired by the thoughtful perspectives I witnessed by new partners I met this week -from an entrepreneur from VC, a startup exec in LA, an industry veteran in Greenville to a tech vendor in T.O. Great visionaries are everywhere.

5. People are Awesome

Many people know that we are raising a puppy to trained adult for a Guide Dogs of Canada. Our lab Opie accompanies me everywhere -from work, restaurants, stores and to the movies. For the last 12 months my colleagues, clients and the public have been amazingly gracious about letting him into their spaces. Their openness and understanding about the value of the program (irregardless of the legalities) impresses me constantly.  People (and Guide Dogs) really are awesome.

Kudos to everyone that thinks big. Have a great weekend.